2014 New Reporting Options

Further,  many users of narrative commercial real estate appraisals are becoming aware of the recent 2014 ~ 2015 USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) Rule 2 (2-a and 2-b) real estate reporting format changes.  USPAP no longer has a “Self Contained” appraisal reporting format in the 2014 ~ 2015 version.  This does not mean that a client, lender or user of  narrative commercial appraisal reports can not request and require that a appraiser produce an appraisal report with additional or greater detail than a “Summary Report” (the most used and alluded to current standard report).  The reporting formats are “Appraisal Report” and “Restricted Report”.  For greater details please see http://www.uspap.org/#/132/zoomed